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In order to support enterprises in promoting export activities, improving competitiveness and efficiency for their business operations in general, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam have authorized the Vietnam E-commerce and Information Technology Agency to build the Vietnam Export Portal (VIETNAMEXPORT) at the address www.vietnamexport.com . which is under supporting of Multilateral Trade Assistance Project (EU-Vietnam MUTRAP III).

The Vietnam Export Portal (VIETNAMEXPORT) is an official business information channel, updated in English with the aim to introduce export potentials of Vietnam. VIETNAMEXPORT is designed to provide database on export enterprises of Vietnam classified by business sector, especially the list of verified exporters for further information.

VietnamExport will become a reliable address to help foreign companies in search of information about Vietnam's particular markets and export enterprises. VietnamExport will be widely introduced to other economic and business organizations, trade associations and companies abroad to promote the image and export potentials of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Export Portal’s goals:

▪ To be the portal providing the most adequate, accurate and updated information about Vietnam’s export  enterprises.

▪ To introduce export potentials of Vietnam, including 63 provinces and cities along the country.

▪ To introduce outlook of Vietnam systematically

▪ To be easy for searching information, changing and upgrading software.

▪ To be credible address to all domestic and foreign companies

Verified Exporters

Verified Exporters will show verified information of Vietnam Exporters. To be listed in Verified Exporters, enterprises must be certified through Authentication and Verification (A&V) process including 17 essential fields of information to help partner contact directly to te “right person”.


All reports as well as forecast on Vietnam’s economic development  will be available in VietnamExport in English frequently to help partners understand more about the local country’s export activity.

If you have any questions about the website, you can contact us via:

VietnamExport Portal (VIETNAMEXPORT)

Market Information Department

Vietnam E-commerce Development Center, Ministry of Industry and Trade
25 Ngo Quyen Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.
Telephone: (844) 222 05 365; Fax: (844) 222 05 507. 
Email: trangntp@ecomviet.vn


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