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Thanh Ha fish sauce Co., Ltd

Company NameThanh Ha fish sauce Co., Ltd
Business AddressGroup1, Nguyen Thai Binh, KP5, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island
Factory LocationGroup1, Nguyen Thai Binh, KP5, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island
Business Phone84 8-37654009
Fax Number84 8-37656016
Name of Contact PersonTrịnh Quốc Khanh/ Hoàng Trọng Uy Danh
Job Title of Contact PersonVice director/ Head of import export department
Mobile Phone84 942.889.297 / 909.66.04.92
E-mail addressquockhanhtrinh_bp@yahoo.com.vn, uydanh@minhha.com.vn
Website Addresswww.thanhhaco.vn
Tax code1700115181
Business Registered Code1700115181
Business Registered Time1998
Business TypeLTD
Main Business
Letter of Intent (LOI)

Fish sauce manufacturing in Phu Quoc island of Vietnam is a traditional career of the local peole, having a history of more than 200 years.

Thanh Ha fish sauce was formerly known as C3B fish sauce enterprise which was established from 1918’s as one of the biggest and oldest fish sauce manufacturer in Phu Quoc with the capacity of  1 million liters of products per year:

On the base of “ from father to son” traditon, the fish sauce caree was trasferred to date and the C3B enterprise was revovered in 1978 after the war and renamed “ thanh ha fish sauce company” from 1993 to catch up the market demand.

Thanks to valuable support of local and international customers. Thanh hà Phu Quoc fish sauce now regains its name and position in the market as genuine high quality product and shall develop more.

Thanh hà ‘s brand is now famous not only in fish sauce but also in other relating products such as garlic and chili fish sauce, ginger fish sauce, salted fish sauce ( seafood pickles) in different processing styles…
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Having a strong fishing fleet specialized in catching long-jawed anchovy-a rich protein fish abundant in the Gulf of Thailand from which Phu Quoc fish sauce is made – Thanh Hà has now in its possession the biggest factory of hundreds of fish sauce barrels in Phu Quoc.

Traditionally, fish (long-jaw anchovy) and salt are kept fermented naturally in wooden barrels for 12 months to obtain fish sauce extract.

The whole process from the raw material catching to fish sauce bottling is done strictly after HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and QMP (Quality Management Program) to assure premium quality products meeting international standards.

Recognized by the National Fisheries Inspection and Quality Assurance Center of Vietnam (NAFIQACEN- an authority of former Vietnam Fishery Ministry) as a qualified producer, Thanh Hà Fish Sauce Co., is one of the first to receive European Code number: NM 139 to export products to European market from 1998.

With annual capacity of about 500,000 liters of various protein-level fish sauce, Thanh Hà’s products have now expanded it’s the consumption market abroad to serve customers in Europe, North American, Australia, Korea and Japan…satisfying an ever-increasing demand worldwide.

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