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Tran Nam Viet Tea Processing Co., Ltd

Company NameTran Nam Viet Tea Processing Co., Ltd
Business AddressHamlet 1, Loc Thanh Commune, Bao Lam Dist., Lam Dong Province
Factory LocationHamlet 1, Loc Thanh Commune, Bao Lam Dist., Lam Dong Province
Business Phone063.3725099
Fax Number063.3864712
Name of Contact PersonHuynh Van Duan
Job Title of Contact PersonCEO
Mobile Phone0913.865.261 - 0986.159.979
E-mail addresstrannamvietvn@yahoo.com
Website Address
Tax code5800500547
Business Registered Code5800500547
Business Registered Time04/10/2006
Business TypeLimited company
Main BusinessManufacturing, processing and trading tea
Letter of Intent (LOI)We look forward to serving and cooperating with all partners at home and abroad with the motto of ‘quality, reputation, rapidity, and efficiency’.
Detail company information

Tran Nam Viet tea processing Co. Ltd. was established in 2006, with registered capital of 30 billion VND. Now the company is in the top 10 tea exporters of Vietnam (according to sources of statistics Vietnam tea Association).

The company’s products are as follows:

ORTHODOX black tea

CTC black tea

Green tea

Oolong tea

All items of tea companies are manufactured using modern machinery of India, Taiwan, and the most advanced machines from Vietnam, together fresh tea leaves selected carefully from the farmers, which meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene.

The company's tea products have been exported, and have been to such world markets as Taiwan, USA, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Netherland, Russia, China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.
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