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Company NameLam Dong Tea JSC (LADOTEA CORP)
Business Address01 Quang Trung St., Ward 2, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province
Factory Location280 Tran Phu St., Loc Son Ward, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province
Business Phone0633 864095, 717799
Fax Number0633 863780
Name of Contact PersonBui Quang Khoa
Job Title of Contact PersonCEO
Mobile Phone
E-mail addresssales@ladotea.com.vn
Website Addresswww.ladotea.com.vn
Tax code5800000103
Business Registered Code5800000103
Business Registered Time24/8/2007
Business TypeJoint stock company
Main BusinessPlanting, processing and exporting coffee and tea
Letter of Intent (LOI)

We believe that it is the customers and the consumers who confirm our success, and they have always been the goal of all our activities.

We believe that the employees are at the heart of the organization, and they should always be given the freedom to express their ability, through clear orientation, operating in friendly cultural activities.

We believe in our tea, coffee and our other products, which certainly contributes to perfecting people’s life in the country and those in the world.

We believe that we will receive people’s admiration once they know who we are.

We believe in our contribution to the community through our business activities.

We believe that with our efforts to propose a vision and values ​​of life, we will create a lot of valuable business services, thus increasing profits for shareholders in the long run.
Detail company information

Lam Dong Tea Joint Stock Company is one of the major tea producing enterprises of Lam Dong.

The company was founded by the State government in 1976, based on the legacy of producing and processing units which were established before 1975, which was later to expand into what it is now; the company specializes in growing, processing and trading of tea.

For over 30 years, the company has repeatedly changed the pattern of production and names:

2/1976: Lâm Đồng Tea – Coffee Company

5/1979: Enterprise of agricultural and industrial Lam Dong tea.

11/1984: Association of Lâm Đồng tea enterprises

11/1992: Lâm Đồng Tea Company.

In 2006, six factories and farms of company taking turns in equalizing and have become 6 tea Joint Stock companies, with a contribution of capital of Lam Dong Tea Company.

In July 2007, the entire company changed into a joint stock company called Joint Stock Lam Dong tea Company.

The processing technology is fully mechanized; tea leaves come from tea gardens of the company, and are also partly selected from local people’s tea gardens where there is a strict management to ensure the issue of food safety for processed products. The company has the capability to provide 6000-8000 tones / year of product categories such as OTD black tea, CTC black tea, green tea, flavored tea, etc.

Lam Dong tea Joint Stock Company has the ability to stably provide tea products to customers at home and abroad, and can afford the investment as a cooperation partner in developing businesses which are interested in the business of tea products in Lam Dong.

The products of Lam Dong tea Company have been exported to markets in Asia, Europe, North America, etc.

In addition to tea as the main product, the company is trading other local items such as coffee, agricultural products, etc. The company is allowed to trade other commodities such as machinery, vehicles, materials for construction, garments, handicrafts, etc.

Lam Dong Tea Joint Stock Company is a member of Vietnam Tea Association (Vitas) and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI).
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