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Minh Rong Tea JSC (Mirotea)

Company NameMinh Rong Tea JSC (Mirotea)
Business AddressQuarter 1B, Loc Thang Town, Bao Lam Dist., Lam Dong Province
Factory LocationQuarter 1B, Loc Thang Town, Bao Lam Dist., Lam Dong Province
Business Phone063.3877051
Fax Number063.3961815
Name of Contact PersonLe Dinh Thuan
Job Title of Contact PersonCEO
Mobile Phone0903070600
E-mail addressthuanld@minhrong.com.vn
Website Addresswww.minhrong.com.vn
Tax code5800468371
Business Registered Code5800468371
Business Registered Time16/4/2014 (7th amendment registration)
Business TypeJoint stock company
Main BusinessPlanting and processing tea
Letter of Intent (LOI)
Detail company information

Minh Rong tea JSC was transformed from a state enterprise into joint-stock company on 28 June 2055 by a decision of Lam Dong province. The company cultivates, manufactures, processes, and trades all kinds of high quality products such as tea, black tea (CTC, Orthodox), oolong tea, high quality tea bag, and green tea. The company also does business in trading agricultural materials and fertilizers, involves in real estate, and imports machinery and equipment.

Currently, the company owns a tea garden with an area of ​​450 ha of tea yield with high quality, with a diversity of tea types such as TB14, LDP, and Oolong tea. The tea garden is located in Bao Lam - Lam Dong, which is the largest tea area in Vietnam, being at the height of 900 meters with soil and climate being suitable for the development of high quality tea varieties.

Along with Vietnam enterprises in welcoming the integration and development, Minh Rong Tea Company has focused on upgrading factory with a modern diverse synchronous system of machinery and equipment which is imported from India, including two production lines of CTC black tea, and two production lines of orthodox black tea. The factory is hectares wide, airy, with high-tech hygiene. The processing capacity is 2,500 tons per year, including black tea (CTC, Orthodox), oolong tea, green tea, herbal tea, fruit flavored tea, etc.

The company's products are sold in the official agents of the company in the country and exported to many countries around the world, such as India, Russia, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and North America. We are looking forward to cooperating with all customers both at home and abroad.
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