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Can tho

Geographic location : The city is bounded by An Giang to the north, Hậu Giang to the south, Kiên Giang to the west, Vĩnh Long and Đồng Tháp to the east.

Area: 1.401,6  km2.

"Natural resources: There are 9 groups of soil found in Ha Giang but most of them are grey soil suitable for developing industrial, medical and fruit trees. The province has a large area of forests with 345,860 hectares of natural forests; primeval forests having many valuable medical, wood trees and animals. The province also has 28 mineral types, many mines with high mineral deposits such as antimon ore in Yen Minh, Dong Van, Bac Me, iron ore in Vi Xuyen, Quan Ba, etc.
- Tourism resources: Ha Giang has great potentiality for developing tourism with plentiful natural resources and valuable cultural and historical monuments such as Dong Van stone plateau, Khau Van love market, Tay Con Linh Top, Thi waterfall, Bay waterfall, Twin stalactite, Quan Ba heaven gate, Ma Pi Leng top, pine tree hill, brick kiln, famous ancient Viet’s archaelogical site in Bac Me, Na Chao.
- Human resources: According to the statistics of 2001, the province has 1 vocational center where 1,000 to 2,000 employees of various professions are trained every year."

"Road: National road No.1A lengthening 40 km on the city's jurisdiction that is artery connecting Can Tho with Ho Chi Minh City
and other provinces and cities in the region as well as the nation as a whole. National road No.91 spreads 30 km of provincial terrain linking Can Tho port, Tra Noc airport, and Tra Noc technologic zone with National road No.1A. Besides, the city is promoting construction of Can Tho bridge (connect Can Tho with Ho Chi Minh City and other cities and provinces in Mekong River Delta), it is expected to be finished in 2008.

Waterway: There are two big seaports of Can Tho and Cai Cui in the city. In which, Can Tho is international port able to receive ten-thousand-tonne-loading ship; Cai Cui is underway to receive twenty-thousand-tonne-loading ship with loading and uploading capacity obtaining 4.2 million of tonnes of commodity per year. Additionally, dense ditch system is favourable condition for waterway transportation vehicles.

Airport: Tra Noc airport is being upgraded and enlarged for inland flights to provinces, and cities through out the nation. In the near future, it will intensify more flights to neighbouring countries in ASEAN.

Electricity, water supply: municipal grid and water supply system can satisfy demands of investors with Tra Noc electric plant in capacity of 200 MW and O Mon power underway with capacity of 600 MW (first phrase) and 1,200 MW (second phrase), two water plants supplying 90,000 cu.m per day. Currently, the city has set up plan on building further two safe water supply plants with capacity of 200,000 m3 per day for the local area to 2010.

Communication: the city has constructed massive information system and modern post-telecommunication providing best services for commercial exchange among cities, provinces, and overseas nations. Cần Thơ has 1 central post office and 4 district post offices capable to provide international communication services.  "

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