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Dong thap

Geographic location: The province is bounded by Cambodia to the north, Vĩnh Long to the south, Long An and Tiền Giang to the east, Cần Thơ and An Giang to the west.

Area: 3,376 km2.

Topographic features: Đồng Tháp is divided into two big areas: the north area of Tiền river is quite flat and slightly slopes from northwest to southeast; the south area of Tiền river has a shape of concave lying between two river banks.
Administrative units: Including the towns of Cao Lãnh, Sa Đéc and 9 districts: Tân Hồng, Hồng Ngự, Tam Nông, Thanh Bình, Tháp Mười, Cao Lãnh, Lấp Vò, Lai Vung, Châu Thành.

Population: 1,672,600 (Statistics yearbook 2007)

"Transportation system: The province has waterway and roadway. Waterway: Đồng Tháp has 339 rivers, channels with 2,838 km long forming a convenient waterway system.

 Roadway: The province has 2,700 km roadway. There are important highways running through the province such as National highway No.30 connecting Cabodia to national highway No.1A and to Tiền Giang, Long An, Hồ Chí Minh city, Đồng Nai, Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu; National highway No.80 connecting National highway No.1A to An Cống ferry; National highway No.54 along Hậu river from An Cống to Trà Vinh. Besides, Đồng Tháp has 2 ports of Sa Đéc and Đồng Tháp, convenient for goods transportation to other provinces and to international markets.

- Power supply system: All communes have power supplied, over 90% households are using electricity supplied by the national grid. All industrial zones have high voltage and medium voltage power supply for production.

- Water supply system: The province is capable of supplying clean water for living and production in urban areas. 60% households in rural area have access to clean water.

- Post and telecommunication system: Apart from the central post office, there are 10 district post offices and 37 post offices in towns and resident areas. All communes have telephone communication with average 12.24 set /100 persons (1.98 set/100 persons in 2000)."

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