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Ninh Thuan

Geographical location : Ninh Thuan Province lies on the South Central Coast region, bordered by Khanh Hoa province to the North; Binh Thuan to the South; Lam Dong Province to the west, and the east is right next to the China Sea.

Area: 3360 km2

Terrain: Ninh Thuan terrain lowers from the northwest to the southeast, with three terrain types: Mountains accounts for 63.2%, the half-mountain half-plain and hilly region is 14.4%, and the coastal plain accounts for 22.4% of the province’s total natural area.

Topographic features

1. Land resources:
The total natural area is 3.360km2, including land used for agricultural production of 69,704 ha, 186,928 ha of forest land, the specially used land is 14.645ha, 3858 hectares of land is for residents, the remaining vacant land unused, rivers and rocky area is 50,638 ha.

2. Marine resources:
Ninh Thuan’s coastline is 105 km long, the fishing ground in the waters with abundant and diversified seafood resources and with over 500 species of seafood of all kinds. In addition, there is the abundant ecosystem of coral with over 120 species, including some especially rare species such as sea turtles. The coastal land has large area of bays and reservoirs, which is suitable for the tourism development of domestic and international stature. Development of aquaculture and production of breeding shrimp is also strength of the fisheries sector.

3.Mineral Resources:
- Metallic Mineral: Wolfram, Molipden, tin. Titan is in the coastal area with reserves of several million tones.

- Non-metallic mineral: rock crystal, granite, glass sand, clay for making pottery.

- Raw materials for production of building materials are granite with a total reserve of about 850 million m3,  sandstone with the reserve of 1.5 million m3;  coral limestone concentrated in the coastal areas with the reserves of approximately 2.5 million tones of CaO; clay additives, stone building etc.,.

4.Tourism potentlias:

Ninh Thuan is a picture of harmony between the plains, hills and the sea with beautiful landscapes like beaches of Ninh Chu and Ca Na, the Ngoan Muc passes, Vinh Hy Bay ... along with the Cham towers and numerous valuable historical and cultural artifacts such as : Poklong Garai tower, tower of Porome, Hoa Lai towers ... almost remaining intact.

Mother Nature has blessed Ninh Thuan with a lot of advantages to develop tourism industry. With a gentle backdrop 105km of coastline, clean and deep water with many foot of the mountains merging into the sea, forming wonderful bays, beautiful dunes, Ninh Thuan is well suited to build landscapes for eco-tourism industry. Vinh Hy Bay is a pristine picture of the mountains and the sea, calling adventurous tourists to explore its beauty. This is a harmonious populations including white, clean and beautiful  sand beaches, ranges of rocky mountains overlapping one another, caves, mountains, forest and primitive environment and natural landscape."

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