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Phu Yen

Geographical location: Phu Yen is a Southern Central Coast province, bordered by Binh Dinh province to the North, Khanh Hoa to the South,Dak Lak and Gia Lai provinces to the west and the east next to the Eastern Sea. It is 1.160km away from the capital city of Hanoi, 400 km from Danang, 560km away from Ho Chi Minh city. Tuy Hoa City is the provincial capital.

 Area: 5060 km2

Soil :
Including nine major land groups, of which:
- The red-yellow soil for facilitating afforestation and growing industrial plants.
- The alluvial soil for planting rice and vegetables.
- The coastal sandy soils for aquaculture and reforestation to block wind.

- Diatomite: 90 million m3.
- Granite: 54 million m3.
- Fluorite: 300,000 tons.
- Mountains, plateaus, plains and coastal areas.
- Forest and forest land accounts for ¾ of natural land area.
- 189km long coastline with many lagoons, beaches and small bays."
- Vung Ro Port: currently receiving over 3,000 DWT load ships.
- Tuy Hoa Airport: the main runway with a length of 3.2 km and 2 secondary runway can handle large aircrafts. Currently, the aiport is exploiting 03 flights /a week from Tuy Hoa to Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa.

Hinh River hydropower plant has the capacity of 72MW.  The 220MW Ba Ha River hydropower plant, the 66MW EaKrong Hnang hydropower plant and Da Den hydroelectric plant with capacity of 12MW are being built.

River irrigation system:

Including four major rivers: Cau River, Ky Lo River, Ba river Ba, Ban Thach River (Da Nong); total flow 11.8 billion m3/per year.
Water supply:

Tuy Hoa Water Plant with capacity 28,500 m3/day. All the townlets in the province have their own water supply plant with a total capacity of 13,000 m3/a day.

- Information systems facilitate domestic and international communication.
- Wide postal network is provided in all areas in the province.
- Telephone use density is 14-15 phones/ per 100 people on an average.

Advantageous resources:

Natural terrain of Phu Yen has many advantages for developing tourism, marine transportation, fishing and aquaculture for export.
Phu Yen is located in the east side of Truong Son range, accounting for 70% mountainous area of natural land. Abrupt mountain slope from west to east, a narrow strip of the plain was divided with 200 km coastline, many mountains protruding into the sea creating bays, lagoons which are advantages for tourism development, water transport, fisheries and aquaculture for export. Aquaculture industry is a strong economic sector developing in the province, with a total breeding area of 2.950ha, 3570 tons of crop yields, besides which there are many other kinds of seafood creating high economic value such as arca, Tuna, prawn, lobster.

Phu Yen soil is very diverse, including 8 groups of land suitable for many crops, abundant mineral resources, large reserves, such as colored granite about 55 million m3), diatomite (over 90 million m3), bauxite, fluorite (300 thousand tons), mineral water, peat-coal, gold mineral sand.

Area of 72,390 ha of agricultural land, forest land of about 209,377 ha, 12,297 ha of land for specialized use, residential land of 5720 hectares, 203,728 hectares of unused land; a variety of precious and rare woods and forest products. There is also the National Krong Trai conservation zone with 20,190 hectares of plentiful and diversified fauna and flora.

The system of three Rivers including Ban Thach River, Ky Lo River, Cau River … with the total area of 4886 km2, ensuring the sufficient irrigation for agriculture

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