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Soc Trang

Geographic location: The province is bounded by Cần Thơ to the north and western north, Bạc Liêu to the western south, Trà Vinh to the eastern north and South China Sea to the south.
Area: 3,312.3 km2

Topographic features: The province has flat terrain with topographic feature of  young geology formations in Mekong delta. There are sand dunes along coastal line from Sóc Trăng to Vĩnh Châu.

"Administrative units: Include the town of Sóc Trăng and 9 districts: Kế Sách, Long Phú, Vĩnh Châu, Mỹ Xuyên, Mỹ Tú, Thạnh Trị and Cù Lao Dung, Nga Nam and Chau Thanh.
 Population: 1,295,064 (statistics yearbook 2007).


- Natural resources: Sea resources: Its special topography together with Hậu river estuary provides a huge source of seafood.  Sóc Trăng has advantaged condition for comprehensive offshore economic developing. Land resources: Sóc Trăng has fertile soil, suitable for cultivation of paddy, Short term industrial crops such as sugarcane. Mineral resource: Investigations showed that there is potentiality for oil and gases exploitation in Sóc Trăng offshore bench.

- Tourism resource:  The province has special and various cultural heritages of Kinh, Hoa, Khmer ethnic groups and fruitful orchards along the fertile river banks. The province has advantaged conditions for developing ecology - culture tourism. It is planned to set up Khme traditional festival and cultural tours, Cồn Mỹ Phước, Cù lao Dung ecology tours in Kế Sách and Cù Lao Dung district, upgrade the Trần Đề port to expand the coastal tour line from Mỏ Ó, Vĩnh Châu  to Côn Đảo.

- Human resources: In 2003, the province labour force was 734,404, accounting for 59.03% population. 80.26% of them are working in agriculture-forestry-fishery; 8.02% in industry and construction; 11.72% in service sector. The labour force is forecasted to increase 3.3% annually in period of 2001 - 2010. Quality of the labour force is limited with only 5% of skilled labour. In 2008, the province labour force was 702.850, accounting for 54,27% population. 62% of them are working in Agriculture - Foresty and seafood. 11% of them are working in Industry and construction sector, service is 27% frastructures

- Transportation system: There are roadway and waterway in Sóc Trăng. The roadway system is quite convenient with important national highways No.1A, No.60. Sóc Trăng has 72 km coastal line, Hậu river with three river mouths in Định An, Trần Đề and Mỹ Thanh, and many channels to form a convenient waterway system. The Trần Đề port has capacity of 240,000 ton/year.
- Power supply system: In 2000, Sóc Trăng had 100% rural communes supplied with medium voltage electricity. The system is capable to supply power for industrial activities.
- Water supply system: Water system in the town of Soc Trang has capacity of 20,000 m3/day. The systems in other towns and residential areas also capable to supply sufficiently for production and daily life activities

- Post and telecommunication system: Sóc Trăng has 146 post offices and agents. 44 of them are of national standards with services of flower telegram, EMS, rapid money transfer. The system can provide telecommunication services nationwide and worldwide. In 2008, Soc Trang has 181 post offices and agents

- Industrial zones: Sóc Trăng has An Nghiệp IZ (251 ha), 4km from the town, bounded by National highway No. 1A to the west, National highway No.60 to the south, “Thẻ 25” channel to the north, and 30/4 channel to the east."
"Sectors’ development plan:
          + Services: Tourism: It is planned to reach the revenue of 1,378 billion VND in period of   2006 – 2010; Gradually develop tourism infrastructure, set up tour projects, diversify the services, promote ecology tourism (tuor on rivers, sea, fruit gardens etc)

Trading: It is planned that the trading and service revenue will increase 19.58% annually and reach level of 20,000 billion VND in 2010. Trading alone will increase 20.25% annually with revenue of 13,500  billion VND.

           + Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery: Agriculture: Develop products of high productivity and high quality with potentiality for domestic and foreign markets.
Forestry: It is planned to continue the project of 500 ha coastal line protection forest in 2006 – 2010, make it become a forest garden in the north of Tà Ky, Sóc Trăng town. Implement project of ecology preservation funded by Germany government.

Fishery: Expand the aquaculture  area to 80,000 ha in 2010, in which the 60,000 ha is for shrimp aquaculture . Encourage aquaculture  in fresh water area in combination with cultivation, forestry, irrigation and environment protection.

            + Industry: Rapidly develop the industries of: beverage, agriculture product processing, foodstuff for husbandry and aquaculture, building materials, engineering, electronic and information technology.
- Industrial zones: Sóc Trăng has An Nghiệp IZ (251 ha), 4km from the town, bounded by National highway No. 1A to the west, National highway No.60 to the south, “Thẻ 25” channel to the north, and 30/4 channel to the east."

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