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Tien Giang

Geographic location : the province is bounded by Long An and Hồ Chí Minh city to the north and eastern north, Bến Tre and Vĩnh Long to the south, Đồng Tháp to the west,  and South China Sea to the east.
Area: 2,484.2 km2
Topographic features: Tiền Giang has flat topographic feature with slope of under 1%, some depressions and earth mounds.
Administrative units: Including Mỹ Tho city, the town of Gò Công and 7 districts: Cái Bè, Chợ Gạo, Gò Công Tây, Gò Công Đông, Cai Lậy, Châu Thành, Tân Phước.
Population: 1,724,800 (Statistics yearbook 2007)
Natural resources: The province has total natural land area of 236,663 ha with the main soil types of alluvial soil, alkaline soil and alum soil. The alluvial soil cover 125,431 ha, accounting for 53% total natural area, convenient  for agriculture development. Besides, Tiền Giang has mineral resource of peat in Phú Cường, Tân Hoà Tây - Cai Lậy,  Tân Hoà Đông - Tân Phứơc; clay in Tân Lập - Tân Phước; Sand in Tiền river etc.
Tourism resources: Tiền Giang has many cultural – historical monuments such as: Óc Eo, Gò Thành cultural vestige (I - VI century B.C.); historical monuments in Rạch Gầm - Xoài Mút, Ấp Bắc, Fortress rampart; many imperial tombs, temples, and pagodas such as: Trương Định, Hoàng Gia, Tứ Kiệt imperial tombs, Vĩnh Tràng, Bửu Lâm, Sắc Tứ pagodas etc; There are also the ecology tuorist areas such as: Fruit gardens in Thới Sơn, Ngũ Hiệp, Đồng Tâm snake farm, Đồng Tháp Mười ecology area, Gò Công beach.

- Human resources: Tiền Giang population is of 1,648,922.  The province has a labour force of  1,156,464, accouting for 72,9% of the population. 613,683 of them are working in agriculture, 85,583 are working in industry and 124,469 are working in trading and service sector.es
Transportation system: The province’s main means of transportation are waterway and roadway. The province has important national highways of No.1A and No.50. The system of waterway is convenient, connecting the western provinces with Ho Chi Minh city by the mainlines of Tiền river, Chợ Gạo channel, Soài Rạp river etc. Besides, the province has Mỹ Tho port with annual capacity 250,000 tons. The convenient transportation system makes great contribution to the province’s economic development.
- Post and telecommunication system: To 2005, Tiền Giang has 207 post service points (49 post offices, 93 communal cultural-communication points, 65 post agents), Distance between service points is approx. 2 km; equivalent to 8,207 persons/point; telephone usage ratio is 11.84 set in100 persons; internet usage ratio is 0.64 subscriber in 100 persons

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