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Yen Bai

Geographical location

Yen Bai is a mountainous province located deep inland, one of the 13 northern mountainous provinces, between the two Northeast and Northwest areas.  It is bordered to North by province of Lao Cai, Phu Tho province to the south, the east bordered by Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang, Son La province to the west. Yen Bai has nine administrative divisions (one city, one town and 7 districts) with a total of 180 communes, wards and townships (159 wards and 21 communes and towns). Yen Bai is the focal point of traffic lines, railway, waterway from Hai Phong, Hanoi to Lao Cai border gate, which is an advantage in trade exchanges with other provinces, large domestic and foreign markets.

Yen Bai is located in the northern mountainous area with higher terrain gradually rising from southeast to northwest and are created by three major mountain ranges running Northwest to Southeast: the west is the sequence Hoang Lien Son - PU Luong located between Red River and Da River, next to the old Elephant Mountains located between Red River and Chay River, the east is the limestone mountains located between Chay River and Lo River. The terrain is relatively complicated but it can be divided into two major areas: the high and the low area. The high area has an average altitude of 600 m or more, accounting for 67.56% of the province. This is a thinly populated region with potential resources of land, forest products, minerals, which are advantages for socio-economic development. The low region with the height below 600 m is mostly mountainous terrain, low valley basin, accounting for 32.44% of the natural are of the province.

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